About Me


I am currently an Assistant Professor of Professional and Technical Writing at San Jose State University.

My teaching interests include digital content writing, social media writing, professional editing, and document design. My research interests include social media pedagogies and methodologies, technical and professional communication, new media studies, community formation in online spaces, digital literacy and access, and rural literacies.

I am currently in my tenth year of teaching at the college level. I have taught sections of first year composition and technical and professional writing, and I have also designed and taught courses about online writing, social media writing, and multimodal composition. Currently, I teach both required classes and electives in the Professional and Technical Writing emphasis at San Jose State.

I love teaching, and I love researching, but I enjoy taking a break from those things as well. If I’m not working, I’m probably hiking or running. I spend quite a bit of time on the internet and on social media, not all of which I can say is research. I also enjoy TV, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, board games, and cats.